WTC and 9/11 2001

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update on Aug 14 2011- as you may notice youtube videos I linked are not available anymore!
We have to look for keywords like “Dr Judy wtc- molecular dissociation” on web and youtube
9/11 Key Evidence that Must be Explained – Dr Judy Wood
Top 41 List! with nr 41 – hutchison effect.

Let me start with the conclusion:
Was it UFOs, cosmic energy never used before on Earth destroyed WTC?
Are you ready for the change of your perception? Are you ready to handle the Truth?

The TRUTH about WTC is coming out and will be very public in the future.
Collected facts (by Dr Judy Wood)

  1. The buildings did not collapse, they disintegrated, that’s why there was not a big pile of the building materials like
    1. steel beams
    2. floors, ceilings
    3. furniture, toilets, metal elements
  2. Steel beams were first to get on fire!
  3. All the material things were turning into the dust.
  4. The dust and some small % of material fell down in the footprint of the buildings
  5. The basements were disintegrated as well to the 6 levels below the ground leaving big holes in the ground
    1. the fumes were visible for months and the steel beams were still melting but the surroundings were not hot
  6. cars parked around the WTC were burned but mainly engines were missing, door knobs missing when the tires were not burned…metal plates inside safety boots got on fire
  7. Not many people know that the third building was disintegrated the same day, 9/11 at 5:30 PM
  8. It is counted that DNA was recovered only from people who jumped out of the windows, so I assume other victims were disintegrated, turned into the dust.

Basically all 7 buildings were destroyed, got on fires because steel beams were melting there, and buildings were leveled sooner or later (I don’t know when but they, all 7 are gone now!)
What does all of it mean for us?

First of all that an energy was used which has never been used before!
What energy? Who used it? Was it energy which can be used again?
You tell me what you know about it?
search Dr Judy Wood – New Hiroshima. on youtube.

Turning into the dust literally!
read this

Dr. Judy Wood, a former assistant professor at Clemson University, has developed compelling evidence that a directed energy weapon turned the physical matter of the World Trade Center towers into nano-particles through the process of molecular dissociation.

9/11 – The New Hiroshima – Dr Judy Wood, Madison, Aug 2007

Dr Judy Woods batles in the courts
9/11 and Directed Energy, NIST Data Quality Act – Jerry Leaphart

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