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Peace to You all.

Some time has passed since I last sent a newsletter. The absence wasn’t because there was nothing important happening, on the contrary:

1. I spent many hours studying at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Ottawa. These meetings are going on every Tuesday at 19:00. Everyone is invited, especially those who are in need of receiving Gifts of the Holy  Spirit — for example, the gift of healing the body, strengthening of the faith, the gift of patience, the gift of fear of God, the gift of wisdom, confidence, fortitude, teaching, expelling evil spirits from the possessed, and dozens of other gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts are promised to us by God and are waiting for You. Come and receive them.

2. True Life in God and the messages of Vassula Ryden — these messages were verified by the Vatican and have been allowed for exploration by Catholics by the current Pope Benedict XVI. In addition to the Polish articles, you can also listen to the live Radio broadcast (might be English only).

3. Sunday December 19th at 18:00 mass will be held at St. Hyacinthe (Sw Jacka) Polish Parish in the intention of uniting all Christians. You’re invited to attend.

4. Last Thursday was supposed to be my final court trial.

Two years ago I was criminally charged as a driver.  My lawyer presented himself well in his black robe with white collar. He was prepared for my defense. The judge in Quebec apologized for my lawyer in French. After we left the court room my lawyer immediately took me to a private room. To my amazement he asked me for help. He asked me how I manage to be so lucky in life. I told him that I receive all these blessings through meditation with the Rosary. He asked me to help him get one of these rosary’s. On this day I had two rosaries with me so I gave him one. Yahoo will help him find these mysteries of the Rosary on the Internet in French.

Lawyer was asking for more. Not for more money like at the previous meetings, but for more spiritual help, so that I bring him closer to God. He received from me prayers through the Holy Spirit (look above) and asked what church do I go to. To my surprise, he showed up right away. Yesterday, the first Friday of the month, at our church. It’s not hard to find me because I am in the church almost everyday, if my schedule permits.

The lines for the confessionals were long so our priests stepped up to the task. One of them continued confessional service even through the entire mass. Thanks be to God for our Polish priests.

The Polish people in line yielded the first spot for confession to my Guest from Quebec, when they learned from me that Jesus has been waiting for him tens of years. He himself doesn’t remember when he last attended confession. After Communion, we stayed much longer praying with our rosaries, in front of the displayed Blessed Sacrament on the Tabernacle. Me and him. The accused and the defender. Me and my new brother in Christ — born in Africa, French-Canadian, and now attending a Polish church.

Could you maybe sometime invite your friends to our polish church, so that they could renew their familiarity with Jesus?

5. I have new articles ready for You. They are both related to God’s first commandment, “Thou shall have no other gods before me!” The logical conclusion — people prayed to many Gods, and even today, pray to idols. One of articles will be a continuation on the thoughts about the pyramid of Cheops. This will be the second part clarifying who built the pyramids and how they did it. The second article is about gold, wealth and the god Mammon, of which Jesus spoke about in the parable of The Servant and Two Masters. It’s not possible to serve two masters, only one — God or Mammon.

Polish-English human translation by Marcin Piasta.

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