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On May 10, 2011, Alex Jones interviewed former Gov. Jesse Ventura. During the interview they discussed Osama bin Laden, 9/11, and the evolving police state. Recently, Gov. Ventura received a copy of Dr. Judy Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?”. It is obvious that Gov. Ventura has read the book and this audio clip is proof that his views have shifted. He does not think that the towers felt due to controlled demolition, termite, mini nukes, etc. Listen to this short audio clip for the proof.

UFO attack

Dr Jan Pajak an expert scientist on UFO

Evaporation of WTC buildings in New York by UFOs

The evaporation of WTC skyscrapers: the spectacular beginning of a series of attack of UFOnauts on humanity:

In order to make impossible for the martyred humanity to free itself from this invisible cosmic exploitation, UFOnauts secretly carry out on Earth several “programmes of enslaving”.
All these programmes are aimed at the infinitive extension of the period when humanity is kept in slavery and in exploitation. The restrictions on progressive research directions described in subsections VB5.1.1 and VB5.3.1 of monograph [1/4] , as well as blocking of the development of moral and progressive philosophies, such as totalizm, is only one manner of possible ways of blocking the development of humanity that are constantly imposed on us by these evil parasites from UFOs. Another highly effective manner of pushing us down, depends on continuous attempts to destroy the entire technical civilisation on Earth. This another way of destroying humanity for UFOnauts may even look much more promising. This is because after they manage to destroy our technical civilisation, they would obtain only crowds of wild savages roaming the Earth, which would return to trees and live in caves. This in turn would mean that UFOnauts would obtain the undisturbed opportunity to exploit humanity for further tens of thousands of years. Of course, the most effective way of destroying our civilisation would be to push all developed countries into a murderous world’s war. For this reason it is important to watch these UFOnauts. After all, not without valid reasons in monograph [1/4] they are called “evil parasites”, while in old days they used to be called “devils”. We need to carefully and constantly keep eye on their hands, so that we could detect their attempts of starting a third world war on Earth, and not allow them to provoke us.
During writing monograph [8] “Totalizm” a development of tragic events took place. For my understanding of activities of evil parasites on Earth, these events represent just a subsequent attempt of UFOnauts to throw humanity into a chaos of a destructive third world war. These tragic events had this property, that they were filmed, and they left after themselves numerous material evidence. Therefore everything that I write here about them, can be scientifically verified by the interested people. The carrying out of this verification would have such an advantage, that myself I do not have conditions to do laboratory research on these events. I also do not have access to material evidence regarding these matters. Thus all interpretations that I am presenting here I deduced only theoretically on the basis of documentary videos that were shown in TV. Of course, because I am only a human, in spite of my in-depth knowledge of technology of UFOs and methods of UFOnauts’ action, I could make mistakes during carrying out my observations and analyses. Therefore the conclusions that I am presenting here are only my scientific speculations, which to obtain the status of a verified scientific proof, require an in depth, rational, and unbiased laboratory research. This is why these readers of this subsection who have the capacity and funds for laboratory research, need to verify by themselves what I am saying here, and make up their own mind about my hypothesis.
According to my interpretation of events, an active and very evil attempt of UFOnauts to provoke humanity to a destructive world war, took place on Tuesday, 11 September 2001. In order to express it in a few words, this deceptive attempt of UFOnauts to destroy humanity boiled itself down to the destructive use on skyscrapers of WTC in New York the ability of an invisible UFO vehicle to evaporate tunnels in solid objects. This devastating capability of UFOs is unknown to human scientists or to normal people, therefore almost no-one could recognize what happened in New York, in spite that this happened in view of millions of people, and also in spite that many cameras which filmed the collapse of WTC skyscrapers captured also UFO vehicles which caused this collapse – as an example see the web site But if someone would know the UFO technology and technical capabilities of UFO vehicles, than he/she would notice, hat an invisible UFO vehicle, working as a huge plasma saw, evaporated in New York two skyscrapers and one smaller building of WTC, killing people which were in these buildings at that time. The UFO vehicle did all this destruction is such an invisible manner, that no-one noticed that it was a UFO, which did all the damage, so that the whole responsibility for the destruction and deaths was put on Islamic terrorists and on their suicidal attacks. Of course, the disclose of the destructive role of an invisible UFO, in this evil attempt to ignite a third world war, requires a more detailed explanations and evidence. Therefore in this subsection I am going to describe thoroughly the whole event. I start from summarizing the facts which are well known by almost everyone. Then I present these facts, which prove that it was a UFO intentional evaporation, not heat from airplanes’ fuel, which destroyed buildings of WTC. In my descriptions I will concentrate on these facts and material evidence, which document the effect of use of a UFO vehicle for the destruction of WTC buildings, and thus which reveal that it is a UFO which stays behind the whole WTC terrorist plot.
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