Christmas Star 25/26 Dec 2012

So far we’ve got confirmation only from two cities -Ottawa and Halifax, both in Canada

Video of sumstuff46


for some reason YouTube deleted the video

How did it happen?
I’ve been watching skies for 2 years now, just by naked eye.
I’d say I know what I was looking for.
Coming home on my road West to East between 5-6 P.M. I noticed big Full Moon and a bright “star” close to the Moon.
The sky was dark and at that time it was the only star visible. After half an hour or so Moon moved a bit but the star moved with the Moon.
The star kept const. distance all the time, aprox 2,5 times the diameter of the Moon.
I watched the star until 3 AM on 26 Dec 2012

size of the Star was aprox 1/100 size of the Moon’s diameter.
My friend Christopher connected with me by Skype around 9 PM used his lunette and he saw two smaller less visible stars as well.
So be it.
sumstuff46 did perfect job recording it well with his camera
sumstuff46 is right saying it could not be Jupiter as some expected to see “occultation” of Jupiter that night.
Good job sumstuff46. Thanks for links to your video.
21 Jan 2013 – update
We saw the “star” again

I saw “the star” again on March 17.

I”ve sent my report to Vatican’s Observatory

Copy of:

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Stan Piasta

We’ve observed a bright object orbiting Moon on Dec 25/26 2012 for more than 9 hours.
I posted the info and some youtube video which I’ve got from sumstuff46 YT on my Catholic WebPage

May we get some professional explanation from the Catholic Observatory?
Thank you in advance for reply.
God Bless you all
Stan Piasta
Ottawa, Canada

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