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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

From: One Easter Date
Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011

As is well known to most believers who yearn for the unity of the Body of Christ, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is 18-25 January.

One of the most important intentions for prayer is the unification of the Dates of Easter, since the unification of these dates can well prove to be one of the most important steps towards the unification of the hearts and minds and beliefs of Christians of different denominations.

Each year, Christians continue to celebrate the most important mystery of the Christian Faith – Christ’s death and resurrection. In countries where Christians from different denominations live side by side, non-Christians must ask themselves whether the Christians are really serious about their message of reconciliation, love and unity of the heart. Mending this flagrant manifestation of the dissension between Christians may be the most powerful step towards the deeper healing of memories, reconciliation and reunion.

We ask you to make a special effort toward the unification of the Dates of Easter this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. We ask you to do so through your prayers.

Please also encourage others to sign the petition on-line or by printing the Petition Kit and bringing it along to ask others in your communities to sign it and then add the signatures to the petition on their behalf.

Help Spread awarenes off the petition on Facebook by liking this page or sharing it.

Let us really make a change this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity!

In recognition of your generous efforts we thank you and send you our most cordial greetings in Christ.

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E-News from January 7, 2011

1. A Letter From Vassula

Dear TLIG friends,

First of all I wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with the graces of our Lord. May this year improve all of us spiritually and reach the desires of our Lord Jesus. However to reach that level, we need to improve. To improve we need to give more of ourselves to God to reach His desires. So that His desires may be reached we need to double our prayers, our sacrifices and all our work we do for Him.

When I had asked last month that all TLIG prays the Novena of the Sacred Heart, the Rosary and to fast for 3 days for the intentions for TLIG (that I did not mention on purpose for important reasons) I know that many people did not take this seriously while giving more importance to find out the reasons, and I know many who did not even pray the daily Rosary. This is serious. Some of us, I have noticed have become lax, super self-confident and without realizing have fallen in a lethargic sleep. We are not progressing.

We need to make a proper resolution for this year and wake up! Jesus needs generous souls. Has anybody understood what that means? When I asked the Lord back in March 30, 1992 (I suggest everyone reads that message from the start.),

“What about those who love You?” He said,

“Put them on a scale…and see which of the two is the weightier part. To this day many do not feel contrition, nor fear. I am willing to give you all My Mercy before My Justice and I am willing to give everyone a single heart with a spirit of love in them but I need more victim souls. I need sacrificial love. How many are ready to sacrifice? How many are ready to offer themselves to me to turn them into crucifixes? Will the ear of anyone yield to My supplications? How many are willing to become peacemakers and sow seeds which will bear fruit in purity? Who can remain uncontaminated by the world until My return? Who will be quick to listen? I am kind and ever so compassionate but very few want to be in union with Me. Who will give away his motives for My motives? Who is willing to give up his interests for Mine? Who will seek what is least sought in this world and bear It with Love?

My Cross.

And who is ready to seek what is least sought among you, who will seek: Love? Come, pray for the conversion of the world.”

I suggest that all the TLIG people mediate on the above message and live it.

With this I will ask please, one more time, that in the beginning of the Unity week that starts on the 18th January we do properly and with vigor the following:

That we start on the 18th January which is the beginning of Unity week with the Novena of the Sacred Heart, and give it for TLIG messages, for our apostolic work involved on unity and for the clergy as well, for those who intend to harm the messages that their hearts may be touched by God’s mercy.

In addition: that we pray the entire Rosary from the 18th- 26th January meaning that daily in these 9 days we pray the 4 mysteries: The Joyful, the Luminous, the Sorrowful and the Glorious. However, it is important that we do all these things with love and with joy, with sincerity and with humility. We must remember that a humble and contrite heart’s prayers will be heard. Christ needs our sincerity and our truthfulness, so everything we do let it be done with love. Christ is emphasizing: LOVE.

That the first 3 days of the Unity week we fast and do our penance and sacrifice on bread and water. Others who cannot do it due to health problems I propose they restrain themselves from something they really like, e.g TV, coffee, cakes, good meals, etc.

That we continue to fast after those 3 days but less strictly, only by omitting poultry, fish and meat from our diet for 6 more days (altogether with the 3 days of bread and water it comes to 9 days, until the Novena is completed.

So let us put on our armour once more and shield ourselves and the messages with prayers, fasting and love in our hearts, from the venomous arrows of our oppressors. Let the Lord conquer, not only the spiritual battles but the entire spiritual war. Courage!

In Christ,


2. Christmas in Russia

There are many messages filled with prophecy on Russia in True Life in God. Below is one of them.

Note how Jesus says “the living example of your times”. Thats now -our times!!! After reading the extract view the video from Russia Today on Christmas this year in Russia. I pray it fills your heart with hope as it has filled mine (editor).

you see, My child, all Heaven was too long in mourning for your Sister-So-Unloved; for years We are swallowing Our bitter Tears … “O Russia! mere creature of flesh! evil coiled in your very womb, creature of mere dust and ashes, I, the Most High, shall resurrect you, for I am the Resurrection; I shall nurse you back to Life and I shall, with My Finger upon you, transfigure you into a glorious nation as I was transfigured; you shall be majestically dressed in dazzling white robes and all Heaven shall thrust away Its mourning garments and Heaven’s bitter Tears shall turn into joyful tears; all Heaven will celebrate your Resurrection and all the martyr-saints who prayed without ceasing by the Feet of your Holy Mother for Her intercession, shall in this day too, together with My Mother and Her innumerable holy angels, all descend in your children’s homes and make their home together with them; I then shall feed them My Body and offer them My Blood to drink;

Russia shall eat Me and drink Me with great love, praising Me; My Russia shall be the living example of your times and for generations to come, because of her Great Conversion; your Sister-So-Unloved by many, shall renounce all her evil behaviour and shall call Me her God with all her might;

Russia Today video

God Bless and may us all do what we are capable of according to Vassula’s letter for the Glory of God and His Will.

Sign the petition to Celebrate the Feast of Easter all in one date

Have you signed the One date for Easter Petition? As of January 7, 2011, 18,220 signatures have been collected. Help us reach the goal of 1 million!

“…today any delicacy from the part of My creatures to restore My tottering House touches Me profoundly; any step towards Unity, all heaven rejoices; any prayer offered for the restoration of My Body, My Father’s wrath diminishes; any gathering in My Name for Unity, My blessings are poured out on those sharing these meetings”. October 5, 1994

True Life In God: Message From October 27, 1987

Orthodox! Catholics! Protestants! You all belong to Me! You are all One in My Eyes! I do not make any distinction…

My Vassula draw three iron bars with a head on the top.

These represent the Roman Catholics, the Orthodox and the Protestants, I want them to bend and unite but these iron bars are still very stiff and cannot bend on their own, so I shall have to come to them with My Fire and with the power of My Flame upon them they shall turn soft to bend and mould into one solid iron bar, and My Glory will fill the whole earth

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