Light, what is it? The mystery of light and matter

Albert Einstein described the Theory of Relativity, E=mc². Stephen Hawking worked out Quantum Theory. String Theory displaces Hawking’s work and proposes that matter is an illusion, that matter is energy, etc.

And I pray on a Rosary so that I can learn and understand the Theory of Love which governs the material and spiritual universe. I am allowed to be wrong, so I don’t mind the attacks that are to come from scientists because I challenge the laws of physics. And I don’t fear the dogmatics who say I desecrate religion.

Already years ago, during my studies in Radom (Poland), I was contemplating about the universal Theory of Love. Already back then, I uncovered that physics could not answer simple questions. One of them being — what is light?

In those days, physicists used opaque names to hide a lack of knowledge and understanding. Each time, dispelling old scientific theories, and saying that the new theory explains everything. Since the times that I studied in university, our understanding of physics has been overturned several times already.

For example, with respect to light, it was claimed to be a duality of wave and particle.

Most of these so-called scientists challenge God to a duel. First of all they conclude that God doesn’t exist, and then they attempt to show how they, human-scientists, are so intelligent. Here, here lies their biggest mistake — mistake in the research method. Assuming that God wasn’t a participant in the formation of the world (Hawking recently made this conclusion), or even more radically, that God doesn’t exist, limiting their ability to know the truth.

Maybe even that is good, that these experiments aimed at replacing God and creating a new material world by creating a Black Hole (somewhere underground in Europe), have failed for Hawking. We would look really good if these experiments ended with the destruction of this world that we know.

There’s nothing to fear. Jesus is the King of this world and nothing will happen against his will. Since however he is the King, his Kindgom will continue to exist. And here we arrive at Rosary Mystery No. 3 given to use by John Paul II.

The secret of light:

1. Jesus’ Baptism in The Jordan;
2. The Miracle at the Wedding in Cana;
3. Proclaiming the Kingdom of God and calling people to convert;
4. The Transfiguration on Mount Tabor;
5. The Institution of the Eucharist;

Already earlier I wrote to you of the miracle in Cana, not knowing that the Rosary urges us to consider it.

How fantastic it would be if someone created a computer game like this for children and youth: Solve the Mysteries of The Rosary! Young minds are capable of understanding these Secrets in the blink of an eye. I remember how with my children, we tried to rescue the kidnapped princess in the game Prince of Persia (1990′s version). 14 levels, several lives, etc. A beautiful game to open up the mind and heart. Back then, my children won and saved the princess!

My kids grew out of games but new generations of gamers are being born. What games are parents today buying for their children?

Light — has Stephen Hawking already surrendered? Below I present his theories from YouTube. My short observations:

a. God allowed him to live 40 years longer than, based on his disease, doctors had estimated for him.

b. We pray for his spirit and his conversion. Let’s not allow ourselves to be carried away with pride, which pushed this person into a trap of science and lust for knowledge. It’s hard not resisting oneself when recalling the Original Sin — Satan tempting Adam and Eve with fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. We are capable of helping Stephen Hawking.

c. We pray for all the scientists who rejected God from their scientific work.

d. We pray for all the politicians who rejected God in politics.

e. We pray for all the doctors who rejected God in medicine.

Look at the so-called Human Scientific Achievements, it’s hard not to ask oneself, “Where does this study lead these scientists and the people who believe them?” For example, medicine. Doctors take pride in uncovering secrets in the field of medicine, developing new drugs, vaccines, anti-biotics, etc. And how do people benefit from this?

Let’s take into consideration two of the most developed countries in the world, USA and Canada. In a previous article I mentioned that in these two countries suicide claimed the lives of more than 1.1 million people in the span of my observations, in example, 20 years. The number of attempted suicides was 20 times greater than that.

You already know yourself how the lines for doctors and hospitals have become longer. In Canada, the wait for treatment can be several years because of the long waiting lists. And how many physicians make medical mistakes? In the United States, it’s estimated to be around 300,000 per year! In the span of my observations, that amounts to 6 million medical mistakes!

During this time, how many people died in the United States? WOW, 4 million per year! In 20 years? WOW, 80 million! Is humanity healthier under the care of scientists and doctors? Heart disease, cancers of all kinds, AIDS, allergies — are those disease on the decline, or are they gaining strength?

I recommend a better method for improving health — Trust in Jesus. He heals all people. He sent out his apostles to heal people and cleanse their spirits. What does today’s Gospel say about faith? It says that a strong faith moves mountains, tears out trees at the root and moves them to a new place.

Faith heals! Almalonga, a story which I presented earlier, is just one example. A society with strong faith doesn’t have a need for these types of doctors that we have. It doesn’t need prisons and lawyers like these we have, not even schools in which it is prohibited to teach about God! It doesn’t need politicians, who only worry about their own pockets. It doesn’t need taxation.

Let us trust Jesus, His new miracles are being verified each day. My webpages only show some of his miracles, but I know of many more!

Unfolding now is the final game before the unification of all Christians. How are the Catholics positioned? To win this game requires strategy. Do Catholics have a strategy? Where is it? Hidden in the Vatican? Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid!” Why are we, Catholics, today afraid of everything? We’re afraid of old age, we’re afraid of disease, we’re afraid to die, we’re afraid of having too little money, we’re afraid of courts and lawyers. Satan is winning-over our pastors. How many of them have the courage to admit to their mistakes and sins? Why does the Vatican play with Mammon? It’s a vicious circle!

Our Polish Commnuity in Ottawa has good priests. I wish for all Christians to have good pastors too. We still have time to pray for God’s assistance to all pastors. We are all formed from the same elements of life. Even Our Master, beloved Jesus, fell under the weight of the cross. It’s not a shame, not a disgrace, when we fall down! It’s only a shame when we don’t want to raise ourselves up again! Raise up and repent!

For our scientists, a couple snippets to watch:

Einstein and his Theory of Everything (an unfinished work)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3:

(Copyright violation – videos removed by YouTube)

The race against time for Stephen Hawing to announce his Theory of Everything

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

New String Theory, which is a step forward in explaining the Theory of Everything:

And so we are closer at proving that God created the visible world exactly like it is written in the Old Testament. Since matter is only a holographic reality, then where is a modern person going to feel balanced and at ease? My answer is simple and based on the Theory of Love. Love the Lord your Father, and Love your neighbor as you love yourself! Or if you treat yourself poorly, then love your neighbor better than you love yourself!

Peace be with you.

Polish-English human translation by Marcin Piasta.

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