Message for Parents

Photos of the three young students were placed on a table at the front of the church, and the mass included scripture readings from classmates as well as an eulogy, spoken in Polish by Rev. Janusz Jajesniak, pastor of St. Hyacinth Parish in Ottawa.

By far the most poignant moments came when two young men — both friends of the family — read a letter, written by the Kosiniak- Kamyszs to their children. “Our dearest, most beloved children,” it read. “Throughout all of your short lives you were for us sources of joy and satisfaction. We have traveled through many countries, we were in many different places, and we always felt happy all together. We shared your concerns and joys, as you shared our successes and problems. We were the happy parents, whose children gave a lot of satisfaction and made the family very happy.

“Michal, we always stressed that we were proud of you, of your successes at school, of your knowledge of foreign languages, of your ambitious plans for the future. You were entering adult life and it seemed that those beautiful plans were within reach. However, God’s will was different.

“Dearest little daughter, Maria, our joy. The new school in yet another country and different language was not a problem for you either. Starting (in) September, you were planning new after-school activities — a drama club and music lessons. Also, you wanted to follow our advice on the choice of university studies. You were the sweetest, beloved little daughter. Your daddy always said he would protect you from adversities. I am sorry, my dear little daughter, that I failed to protect you from this accident.”

The letter closed with: “It was you who should have taken us to the final resting place, and not the other way around…. May the Almighty God grant you everlasting happiness. Wait for us, beloved children. In hopeless grief, your parents.”


Re: Message for Parents.

From the bottom of my heart I say Thank You to  Kosiniak- Kamysz Family, to children and parents of Kosiniak- Kamysz.

Thank You for a beautiful Lesson of Love which is stronger than  Death of our physical, human bodies.  Thank You for sharing Your Love and Grief with thousands of worshipers attending the Mass to commemorate the Life of Your beloved children and millions around the World who would be able to find out that Lesson sooner or later. My deepest Thank You goes to priests of Polish Church in Ottawa.

Your Instinct was correct. Your religion beliefs gave you the Power to see the Vision of importance for organizing such enormous spiritual Celebration of Life and Love. We all attending the  Celebration feel empowered by Love, empowered by God.

In God is our Hope! God is Great and God’s Love to humans is the Energy which puts in Motion the Universe, the Visible World. But God’s Love is bigger than the Universe. God’s Love Was, Is and always Will Be. Alfa and Omega. Our duty on Earth is simple. Our duty is to obey God’s Laws and to create more Love. Christians around the World know how to do it because our Teacher Jesus Christ and His Church.

Rest assured Your Children did not die. They are alive! They are on their way to meet God. Your Love, Parents’ Love can always feed them and save them, and bring them faster to God and the Eternal Happiness by our only means of communication and connection with the Spiritual World, by Prayers.

Let us Pray with You.

So help us God!

Your humble  brother in Pain and Love

Stan Piasta

“Tak nam dopomóż Bóg!”

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