Julia Kim of Korea

Julia Kim


Who is Julia Kim?

“Her original name is Hong Sun Yoon. Julia is her baptismal name and Kim is her husband’s last name. She was born in Naju in 1947. Her father was a school teacher and a scholar in Chinese literature. In 1950, when the Korean War broke out, her grandfather and father were killed by the Communist soldiers. Her younger sister also died of an illness. Julia, with her mother, began experiencing extreme poverty and had to work hard for survival. She could not finish junior high school because of poverty.

In 1972, Julia married Julio Kim.Julio works for the City of Naju, in its agricultural department. They have four children, two sons and two daughter. Later, Julia’s health deteriorated because of cancer and other accompanying illness. After several surgeries, her doctor said there was no hope.

While Julia was waiting for her death, her husband took her to a Catholic priest. After hearing Julia’s story, the priest consoled her by saying that her suffering were blessings from God. Julia felt her body becoming warm and sweating and was soon healed completely. She began a fervent prayer life. She opened a beauty salon and became quite successful.”
How did it begin?

“One night,at 3 a.m., Julia saw a vision of Our Lord bleeding miserably, especially from His Heart, which was torn by human sins. Julia was deeply moved and promised a life of reparation for the sins in the world. Miraculously, she began suffering severe pains again. Julia also received a stigmata, the wounds of Our Lord. These Stigmata usually last for several days and disappear. They reappear later.

On June 30, 1985, Julia saw Our Lady’s statue in her room weeping for the first time. Two and half weeks later, on July 18, she received the first message from Our Lady. On October 19, 1986, clear tears turned into bloody tears. Julia has continued receiving messages and suffering pains. Other miracles have also continued, fragrant oil from Our Lady’s statue, the fragrance roses, healings of incurable illness, and Eucharistic miracles.

The Blessed Mother’s weeping tears and tears of blood continued intermittently for the next seven years. Our Lady Mary was also frequently sweating and bleeding through her nose. The Blessed Mother also warned us through Julia about sacrilegious Communions and asked us to make the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist known to all so that they may be saved. She has brought many amazing signs regarding the Holy Eucharist. Between July 18, 1985 and now, the Blessed Mother gave messages through Julia 132 times. They were Messages of the combined Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

What does the Blessed Mother ask of us?

“What the Blessed Mother asks of us is the same as what Jesus asks of us. That we repent our sins and live a new life according to God’s Commandments. She wants us to offer up penance for our sins and practice Our Lord’s Commandment by loving, forgiving and reconciling with each other. She wants us to achieve unity in love, refraining from critizing others and correcting our own faults. She is asking us to help her convert our brethren who live in sin and draw them to her son.”

Julia’s note: “While I was writing down the messages, the devils’ interference began. They pulled my head and arms. They pulled and shook my hand wildly with which I was writing down the messages. I sprayed holy water and continued writing. Then, the devil said, “Actually you have done enough of the work that has been given to you. But what has been the result? You have only become an object of ridicule. If you discontinue this work, I will give you wealth and fame while you live on earth. You will not have to worry about your children, either.”
But because I did not pay attention to what he was saying, he said loudly, “Why you are still not giving up? You like suffering so much? What a spiteful woman! Let’s sweep away and overturn everything!” The devils turned over the desk and jumped at me. They threw me off the bed, pressed me down and tried to kill me.
Some time passed. The Blessed Mother appeared radiating bright light, and the devils ran away. The Blessed Mother smiled lovingly and said kindly, “You won a victory over the devil again today.” When I answered with “Amen” and opened my eyes, I saw several people looking at me. There were black marks on the floor which were made by the devils. These marks were still visible the next morning.”
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