Nortel investors and employees


Now all of us, Nortel’s investors and employees, now we all are closer to God than ever before. God/Jesus loves poor people as they are blessed by default in the New Testament. They are the chosen ones. They are the building blocks of God’s Kingdom.

It’ll be very uncommon for rich to be in Heaven. Sure there will be few poor in Hell as well.

I will just tell you a secret. All, so called small investors, will lose on the stock market sooner or later. There is no way to build financial protection for the retirement either. What will you do when gas will be above $2 to $5 a liter? What will you do when earthquakes will start fires in big cities? What about food and heat?

Look what happens in “normal” times when 10 inches of snow falls down!

It will be easy for banks and governments to find a way to get rid of off the public obligations. For example, by igniting new world wars. Bonds owners will lose their safe investments as well. Nortel was not the first big scam and won’t be the last. It’s not about Mike Z or another Nortel’s CEO. It’s about the One who have gotten most of the Nortel stock gains of $400 billion.

Money trail will not be known. All important info about the Big winners on NT stock probably will never be known publicly. We are living in very special times. Most of us will witness second coming of Jesus. Should we be afraid of Jesus? nope.

Should we stay the way we are today? I say we have a chance to change, to prepare ourselves and our friends for that. Do you remember that I advised my family and my friends to get out of NT stock?

How will we recognize signs of the second coming?

We will have many more signs. One of them, one of the signs was the falling towers in New York Most of us think that 2 towers collapsed on Sept 11. It was 3 of them! Precision of the actions itself shows that humans would not do it. The same way as humans would never built Cheops’ pyramid. The lie of Sept 11 was a base for hate crimes around the world. Divide and rule! Turn one against the other to win! That’s the devil’s work. We should love all and everyone! We all know that some haters claim they follow Mahomet but also some haters infiltrated Christians as well; we have few of them in each religion but 99.99999% of all of us are peaceful. Arabs are the same people like any other nation/race! Jesus loves all and will help all who are oppressed and under control of crooks and liars.

Stay tuned as new info is coming and is available every day!

Don’t hate anyone! It’s a virtue to love your enemies.

Do you remember my posts under the name of yes4aapl? You are free to find my posts which were not right or not true about Nortel. Will you find one? Look at that stock! It’s been 11 months since my total transformation.

Some explanations are here: Why have I started my page just few months ago? I share my own miraculous Near Death Experience which revealed to me many mystic-secret visions.

I am open for public scrutiny and public critics. One sure thing, Jesus is real and the King of Kings. God bless all who have read my posts and share the info with others.

Professor Howard Storm’s testimony is one of the best!

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