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Re: Earth calling Hank! Jamez4, check Raelizm!


Re: Earth calling Hank! Jamez4, check Raelizm!

Post Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 9:02am

Let me bring you closer to the real world.
World of inspiration
Examples: Puccini, Brahms, they admitted getting their masterpieces from another world.


It's better to be called nuts, to be distinguished from the millions of flies who are attracted to a pile of sh.t
God bless you!
1. Fukushima Japan goes on world wide censorship! You will hear only about small leak. /Toronto reactor leaked again too/
YouTube started to remove all independent posts
digital virus Stuxnet, Iran blames America, Japan blames Iran...design comes from another world
2. WTC has been 10 years on "cover up" mode
110 story high buildings, 400 m tall, they went down in 8.5 seconds! It's like squeezing 11 story high-tower in less than one second!
America blames Muslims, NOI = Louis Farrakhan blames Government...but done by UFOs /Lucifer/
3. UFO has been 60 years on "cover up" mode

It looks like a low IQ guy got "smart" in a week of 1973 in France....when he met with UFO
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO_Mmssa ... re=related
I printed the message he got and read that.
The message is from Lucifer himself, IMHO
no God- we are gods, have sex, get money, be happy here, no life after death!that is Rael's message /and New Age too/
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