My daughter is in the hospital awaiting surgery

Update: Tuesday, January 18 16:00

Weronika is back home. After a few hours of sleep she was able to cook supper. In next few days she will stay home to thank God for her successful surgery. I’m happy seeing that my daughter now has time to pray. We all are so busy that we only have time to pray when we are incapacitated on a hospital bed.

Isn’t it something we would like to change for better this year? Jesus loves us all and shows His face to all who seek Him. God bless you all who read this blog.

Update: Monday, January 17 15:45

Weronika’s surgery was successful. She feels good and is happy the surgery was small and quick. Weronika sends her appreciation to all those who prayed for her, and she asks that you pray for her as she recovers from surgery.

Thank you!

Update: Sunday, January 16 23:30

Thank you all who replied with prayers. The surgery hasn’t happened yet. Weronika is in good spirit. She is wearing my protective rosaries on her neck – the rosaries I wore, for the last 12 months, which protected me from alcohol (in this time, I have not drunk at all – zero!) Her boyfriend is very supportive with prayers as well.

God bless all of you who are reading this.

My daughter, Weronika, is at the hospital awaiting surgery on Sunday, January 16th. I’m praying with my wife for our daughter’s soul and body to be healed. We ask our readers for one Ave Maria before our daughter’s surgery on Sunday, January 16th. We trust in Jesus. Thank you and Bless you all.

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