Emma De Guzman

Visionary, Mystic, Evangelist
Founder of La Pieta Prayer Group International.

Emma De Guzman is a slight, radiant widow who glows with good health. She has three children and three grandchildren and emigrated from the Philippines in 1986. She lives in Bloomsbury, NJ with her daughter and two grand-children. Their home is an open center where people from the mid-Atlantic, the north-east and various parts of Ontario gather for prayer before the altar formed by several shelves of statues.

Emma’s prayer meetings consist of song, prayer, healing, fellowship, and good food. And because of the grace of God and through her guidance, numerous La Pieta prayer groups have formed in many cities and countries.


Some pictures:

Emma and Father Machado/Grotto at the House of Prayer

Emma de Guzman Documentary: The Apparition of The Blessed Virgin Mary (Part 1)

Actual Footage of Roses goes out from Emma’s Chest (part 7)