Almolonga, The City of Drunks, Converted by Jesus

People in Almolonga remember times when four jail buildings where not enough to keep in criminals. Drunks where sleeping on streets. Farmers did have poor crops because the land  and soil was not fertile. Twenty or so years later in Almolonga, there is not one jail and people stopped doing the crime. On the other hand if you visit Almolonga, you will find 20-30 new churches built to worship Jesus. What happened?

Farmers buy the best big trucks by cash!
Almolonga is known today as fertile region sending fruits and vegetables around the world.
You have to  see the video to believe yourself how big carrots can grow!
You will not see people of Almolonga drinking whiskey in restaurants.
20 000 addicted alcoholics converted into Christianity?
I know I use harsh words to describe the past of Almolonga. I was one of them. It’s not much deference that I lived in the most beautiful capital in the world, Ottawa, Canada.  I dare to use the harsh words to describe how an alcoholic can feel, what an addict can think. When you wake up and you still don’t have any hope the next day will be better than the day before. Usually the next day is worse and worse and worse. And one day when I was at the end of my journey I asked Jesus to help me. and He did. and He helped people in Almolonga. May you imagine all cities around the world converting to the system developed in Almolonga? May you imagine world without prisons and without hospitals?
Please enjoy the video and have hope that when you call Jesus He will answer your call.

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